VITA-LIFE systems and their wide range of efficacy in sports

The VITA-LIFE R-System is able to make very valuable contributions:

  • Passive warm-up before training and competition
  • Improved regeneration and relaxation after training and competition
  • Assists as protection against aching muscles in advance and assists in treating sore muscles after training and competition
  • Release of body tensions and protective body postures of muscles (recreating balances – effective stretching)
  • Acceleration of building up muscles and bones
  • Improvement of administration of oxygen and nutrients and of blood circulation
  • Enhancement of endurance (also of muscles) by impoved administration of oxygen in the tissue
  • Stimulation of melatonin production and stabilisation of sleep-wake-cycle (especially energetic deficiency, jetlag, burn-out-syndrome)
  • Assisting and accelerating of healing processes of physical injuries (pulled muscles, bruises, sprains, torn-, sinew- and muscle ligaments, luxations, neural injuries)

VITA-LIFE in sports

The use of VITA-LIFE systems by sports physicians, supervisors skilled in sports medicine and professional athletes has been one of the greatest successes of the magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS) during the past decade.

Very often this successful use is seen as a profound proof of the effectiveness of MRS because in sports only functional utility is one of the most crucial rules: effective methods are easily accepted, but more easily withdrawn if they are not effective.

Meanwhile a wide range of sports staff – athletes as well as coaches and trainers – use the innovative and technically advanced VITA-LIFE systems as permanent elements in their training programs.

The use of VITA-LIFE systems can mean the decisive head start for crucial advantages in professional as well as popular sports where differences between the athletes performances are measured in milliseconds. Regarding aching muscels, for instance, long time accepted as not treatable, the successful use of VITA-LIFE MRS is meanwhile clinically verified.

Important information

The magnetic-resonance-stimulation (MRS) uses pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with low energy and low intensity. To gain the biological effect the MRS uses especially linked frequency bands.

Similar to the magnetic field therapy with it´s static or pulsed magnetic fields to treat illnes or dysfunctions, MRS is naturopathic treatment and it´s effectiveness isn´t recognized by academic medicine, completly.

All information given here referring to expiriences and results of many applicatons during years and also to many scientific studies. Much of this studies are issued on PubMed. (Search for "PEMF")