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Why we are doing what we are doing.

Our values. Our motivation. Our mission.


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Ingrid Brandstötter, CEO & Founder
Ingrid Brandstötter, CEO & Founder

Magnetic fields are all around us and within us.


Since 1995 VITA LIFE stands for high quality and innovative healthcare and wellness products. Nature and technology come together in a unique way.


VITA-LIFE is specialist in magnetic-resonance-stimulation and recommends to perceive people in their wholeness.


This includes the desire to make conventional wisdom and healing powers of nature usable again, to help people to get a balanced, powerful and vital life.


Magnetic-resonance-stimulation and magnetic therapy is one of these methods.


Meanwhile more than 150,000 customers trust us and the magnetic-resonance-stimulation.


We invite you to explore the world of VITA LIFE!


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